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  1. St David's Day - Super Tuesday - and The Inconvenient Unborn Day!



    Yes, The Inconveient Unborn is out today on the Kindle platform, and that's exciting for me.


    Here's the book trailer that you might be interested in having a look at:




    and here's some Amazon booklinks:




    And here's a link to The Inconvenient Unborn page where you can read the first two chapters right now.  Click here.

    Hope you like it.

    Have a great St David's Day, or whatever it is you are doing today, and have fun!


    David C.



  2. Book Review - Beyond the Red Carpet by Debbra Lynn



    Sophia Vaughn is an aspiring screenwriter and moves to Tinseltown, Hollywood, to be close to the action. But like hundreds of others, initially finds film work hard to come by, and takes employment in a catering company, waitressing and serving, to makes ends meet, until her big break comes along.


       And it is at a drunken moviemaker’s decadent house party that she first comes across the man of her dreams, assistant director Marcus Donovan. She has never met anyone quite like Marcus before. When he stands close to her every cell in her body tingles, the hairs on her arms stand up, and Sophia is immediately convinced that Marcus is her one and only life partner.


       Marcus likes Sophia too well enough, and makes his play, and she can’t say no to him, and within days they set off for Las Vegas, and a small and hasty wedding. So begins Debbra Lynn’s impressive debut novel “Beyond the Red Carpet”.


       If you like stories based in Hollywood, full of wealthy and glamorous people and all that goes with it, you will love this. I have to confess it isn’t the kind of book I would usually pick up, but I found this a satisfying read. It is easy to get into, the pace is fast, the dialogue crisp and believable, and the story really rattles along, keeping the reader interested and making it a quick read. Part of the story is set in the present, and some in flashback, a device I have always enjoyed reading.


       And do Sophia and Marcus live together happily ever after? I couldn’t possibly say! You will have to get hold of a copy to find out and explore the many exciting twists and turns that are guaranteed to keep you interested till the very end. You won’t be disappointed. A promising debut, with a nice cover too. Recommended.



  3. The Inconvenient Unborn - Book Trailer.


    Here's the book trailer for my forthcoming book, "The Inconvenient Unborn", which tells the story of two feuding families.

    The story is mainly located on the south coast in and around Lymington, and is set in the near future.

    It is due for release on March 1st 2016. Stay tuned for more information on that.

    England in the near future - Though you may not like what you see.

    352 pages, and it will be available in paperback and as an Ebook.










    Horses and Dogs and Humans at Beaulieu Point-to-Point Horse Races in the New Forest - Boxing Day 2016


    point to point 005


    point to point 008


    point to point 010


    point to point 013


    point to point 017


    point to point 018


    point to point 024


    point to point 026


    point to point 027


    point to point 032


    point to point 034

    And the gorse in full flower at Christmas too! 

    And despite the wet under foot conditons and the blustery day, a good time was had by all, even though my companion fell over in the muck!!!











    Yes, I Am Now On Twitter  (At Long Last!!!)


    Yes I am now on TWITTER - so why not follow me and I will probably follow you too - (I don't follow sex, violence, hatred or any sites that bear no relevance to Books and Publishing and Writing.

    You will find me @thebookbloke.



    Hope to see you there in the Twittersphere,

    have a great day,


    David C. 

  6. First Person or Third Person?

    When Writing or Reading Do You Have a Preference, and Why?


    If you are a scribbler, which point of view (POV) do you prefer to write in, and if you are reader, do you have any preference when choosing books to read?

    The reason I pose this question is because my friend, Anne, a voracious reader of chicklit, (she gets through a mountain of the stuff every month!) but will only ever buy books written in the third person. She detests stories written in the first, so much so that one of my recent books, Down into the Darkness, albeit a short one, she would not touch, when I mentioned it was written in the first person.

    I found I quite enjoyed the change, and have even started writing another one that way, provisionally entitled ROWENA, though I suspect I shall always write my longer books in the third person, for it seems more natural to me. The first person choice appears to suit shorter stories and novellas much better, though I have no idea why that is.

    I mentioned that Anne refused point blank to read DITD on Goodreads, and was quite surprised to receive several lovely letters (emails to you and me!) telling me that they absolutely adored first person books, and would only ever buy such things, and I should keep writing them, so clearly there is a big divide amongst some folk as to their preference.

    It’s interesting that one of the most successful writers of today, Lee Child, when writing his eponymous hero, Jack Reacher, varies between telling the stories in the first and the third. I wonder what the thinking is behind that. Maybe he simply enjoys the change.

    And also that John Irving, when presenting one of his tome-like books to his publisher, was told, or maybe more likely, advised, that it was okay, for a first draft, but it would have been much better if written in the first person, and could he please go away and re-write it accordingly, to which he blew out hard, and went off and duly did as requested, and of course the book went on to sell millions of copies. Perhaps afterwards he was glad he took their advice!

    So, I pose this question to you today dear reader, or writer, which POV do you prefer, and why exactly is that?

    Have a great day,

    And night,

    Have fun,


    David Carter.


    © David Carter 2015