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“Guerrilla Publishing” by Derek Murphy


This is a very well written book crammed with valuable information for any writers and budding writers out there who are looking to market and sell more copies of their books, and especially for anyone contemplating going down the self-publishing route.

The writer, Derek Murphy, is an imaginative one-man whirlwind who appears to come up with new ideas almost on a daily basis, and many of them are invaluable and deserve checking out.

If he’s not renting castles cross the globe and holding monthly marathon writing workshops, or designing book covers, he’s setting up interesting websites to help self-publishers, and yet still found time to study and gain a PhD in literature. Well done, him! 

There are lots of useful resource links included in this book too that anyone seeking to raise the profile of their books and personal profile and websites too can tap into.

Check out Derek’s website at for loads more information.

“Guerrilla Publishing” is easy to read, full of interesting ideas, and a publication that I would unhesitatingly recommend.    

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