Inspector Walter Darriteau Box Set 2


The Inspector Walter Darriteau Cases - Books 5-8 (Walter Darriteau Box Set 2 - Kindle Edition)  


Inspector Walter Darriteau returns in this four story eBook Box Set collection. It features four complete and unabridged eBooks combined into one. “The Legal & the Illicit”, “Five Dead Rooks”, “Old Cold Bones”, and “Falling”.  

The Legal & the Illicit: is a sweeping novel following four generations of the Ridge family from the 1930s to the present day. They rise from nothing to gain great power and influence. Set against a background of the ruthless  commodity trading world, the family believes they can to do as they wish until they meet Walter Darriteau. The men may think they rule the roost, but six strong female characters have other ideas about that.  

Five Dead Rooks: Bilk Thomas runs a Chester city centre nightclub. It’s early Wednesday morning as Bilk makes his way home. He’s not been in the house five minutes when the doorbell rings. Who the heck comes ringing the doorbell at 2am? He goes to the door. A conversation follows. Bilk lets a man in. Would you let a stranger into your house at 2am? And if you did, it’s good advice to never turn your back on a stranger.  

Old Cold Bones: Corley Crabb is almost thirty. He lives alone in a tiny flat and has few friends. On a blazing English summer afternoon, Corley disappears without a trace. Only a work colleague, Sandy Goldy, appears that concerned. Enough to visit Chester’s central police station, where she shares her worries with the desk sergeant. Walter Darriteau is coming back in and overhears the end of the conversation. There is something desperate in her pleading words, and Walter wants to know more.  

Falling: Walter Darriteau has been dreaming of the 1980s, and a massive case that taught him so much. He can’t stop thinking about it. Two huge crooked families at war, and one brutal murder that started it all off. But Mrs West, his boss, wants him to concentrate on something she’s picked up. A Chester secret society with an agenda all of their own. Walter thinks it’s a waste of time, but when he investigates, he can’t believe what he discovers.                

Four complete books; 1,700 odd pages, enough to keep anyone entertained for hours, and you save 30% on the normal price.