Drift and Badger and the Search for Uncle Mo

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Drift and Badger and the Search for Uncle Mo 


Drift is a red deer fawn, born unseasonably late, he will always struggle against his bigger, brasher brethren.

His mother travelled deep into the forest to give birth as the herds moved on far to the north. A tragic accident leaves
Drift to fend for himself; to wander the forest, frightened and alone.

One moonlit night he stumbles across the crazy badger, Daisy, who begins teaching him the strange ways of the forest.

They set out on the long and eventful journey to locate the herds, and find Drift's missing Uncle Mo, but will they find him, and
can they survive the hazards and dangers of the wild woodland?

The story chronicles their scary adventures as they attempt to cross the forest.

You can follow the exciting adventures of Drift and Badger and lose yourself in another world.

The book is suitable for older children and the young at heart. 



deer at Burley 3

 I came across this large herd of red deer in the New Forest near Burley in the summer of 2013.

The large stag, closest to me, would not let me get any closer - and he wasn't to be messed with!

antlers 001

Here are some red deer antlers found in the New Forest. They probably come from different beasts.

They start growing in the spring and are usually shed at the end of winter.

foal by signpost 

This nice young fellow was pictured between Ringwood and Fordingbridge. It's as if he is waiting for Drift and Badger to come along -

but he is not lost - his mother was close by, watching me, watching her foal.

Mares and Foals 

And here's some more foals being ushered across the road by an attentive adult mare. You cannot be too careful when crossing busy roads, as Drift was to so tragically discover.



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