The Final Door


Important Note for readers:

“The Final Door” is the largest case-story Inspector Walter Darriteau has ever been involved in. The full investigation runs to over 700 pages and has been split into Parts One and Two. The book promoted here is Part One only. Readers should know all plot threads will not be resolved during Part One. Here’s the blurb.  

"On a squally November night beside the Dee estuary on the Wirral peninsula, a man falls to his death from Thurstaston cliffs.

But is it an accident, suicide or murder? And who is the victim, and if it is murder, who killed him? Thirty minutes later, a pair of tripping, giggling kids ring the emergency services to report the incident.

Wirral police are busy dealing with a catastrophic traffic pile-up on the M53, and seek help from neighbouring Chester. At midnight, Inspector Walter Darriteau is disturbed at home and asked to attend the incident to examine the scene, and secure the body.

So begins “The Final Door – Part One”, the eleventh book in the Inspector Walter Darriteau series, a chunky story that takes the reader on a journey no one could have foreseen after that phone call set everything in motion."

Part Two, now available to order on Amazon, sees the continuation and finalisation of the story.

Paperback copies of both parts will be available shortly.

If you choose to buy the book(s) we hope you enjoy them, and thank you for your support. Here are those two links again.


And here's an early review:

The Final Door Part 1 

This long awaited Walter Darriteau novel did not disappoint.    David Carter has the knack of making his characters live and breathe and each day I look forward to opening the book and to finding out a little more of the various storylines .

I always love David’s stories whether it be Walter Darriteau , Meredith Hawkes or even a stand-alone book like the excellent “The inconvenient unborn”

It’s a new concept of splitting this book into two parts and I am certainly very keen to read part 2 to find out how it all pans out.

Personally I’d have preferred one long book rather than 2 parts but hopefully part 2 will be published very soon so I can discover the outcome. 

Being originally a wirralian  I find it particularly interesting picturing the scenes all of which are very familiar to me. 


And here's an early review for Book II



The Final Door - Part 2




Well, David Carter has excelled himself here! By far the best Walter D book so far.  Very involved with a large and complicated cast of villains !!


It doesn’t however lack the usual humour or humanity I’ve come to expect from his books and certainly kept me hooked right up to the end.


Yes, it’s a huge book and with hindsight I’m glad it was split into two parts.  Originally I thought I’d rather have had just one book - but having the enforced break between parts one and part two actually works well and I’m in favour of it being a two-parter.


All the ends were tied up succinctly with no hint of unbelievable endings. 


There is a bit of x-rated kinkiness and at one point I did think it all “a bit much” but it doesn’t linger and was, I suppose, essential to the plot line so I was happy to live with it and it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the story. 


I’m looking forward to David’s next Walter D book and indeed to the third Meredith Hawkes one whenever that arrives too. 

- Chrissy Wales