Giant Rat Found in London!

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Giant Four-Foot Rat Found Dead in London


A giant four-foot rat has been found dead in Hackney in a children’s playground in East London. It was bigger than a cat or a small dog, and was found in an area popular with takeaway restaurants, and it is believed to have beefed up to super-rat proportions on the leftover and discarded chicken curry takeaway meals.

The rat weighed the same as a 4-year old child and no doubt could have done quite some damage if it chose to do so. It was believed to have died after feeding on poison put down specifically to deal with the infestation.

And that leads me on nicely to a mention of my book “Down into the Darkness”. Here’s the booktrailer for that title which you might like to have a look at:




And if you go on to read the book you will better understand the connection between the two!

And while I talking about this title here is an independent book review that I have just noticed on


The most terrifying horror stories are the ones that can actually happen. They make you wonder and fear that it will happen to you. Stories with supernatural elements are great, but these are the ones that truly get to you. And that's what happened with me and Down into the Darkness, which I got from a Goodreads giveaway.

This is the story of Tony Jenks and he tells it in a very friendly and informal way. It feels like a friend telling you what he did last weekend, as it feels very real. He tells you about the people who live in the other three flats in the Edwardian house he lives in and about his co-worker on whom he has a crush. The pictures he paints of them are very alive with all the details and little things that make them look like real people.

The story progresses and you see the bits and pieces coming together and you know something very not good is going to happen. When it does happen, after all the anticipation, it is horrible (in the good way of horror stories). It scared me then and now I still feel a shiver down my spine when I hear a sound late at night.

That's one of the things that makes a good story: it stays with you. And this most certainly did.


Thank you to the kind Carolina for that contribution.

It’s a short book, but a very inexpensive one, and it would make my day if you purchased a copy.

As ever, thanks for reading,

David C.



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