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  1. "The Sound of Sirens" FREE Books Giveaway Promotion on Goodreads


    I am very pleased to report that there is a 10 book FREE giveaway promotion running for my new book "The Sound of Sirens" running now on Goodreads.

    To stand a change of winning a copy all you need do is register your interest, but you must do so between now and March 3rd 2014.

    Here's the Goodreads link to register your interest.

    Goodreads Book Giveaway

    The Sound of Sirens by David  Carter

    The Sound of Sirens

    by David Carter

    Giveaway ends March 03, 2014.

    See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

    Enter to win


    Good luck!

    And if you can't wait here's the link to buy:


  2. "The Sound of Sirens" Released on Kindle


    Yes, my new book "The Sound of Sirens" is released on Kindle today.

    You can buy a copy in the UK for just £1-86 including VAT.

    Not many people know that electronic books are subject to VAT whereas traditionally published books are not.

    And don't forget you do not need a kindle to be able to read kindle books - you can do it on your PC.


    If you haven't already got the software you can get it here for free. Get Your FREE reading App here

    Here's the links to buy on Kindle in the UK and USA.




  3. Angie Martin Books Website


    Coinciding with the release of "The Sound of Sirens" I have had a super review in from Angie Martin Books. Angie runs a super bookblog site and you can check that out right here

    Angie is a sucessful writer in her own right. You might like to check out her book "False Security" and look out also for her new novel "Conduit" which is coming soon.

    You can read Angie's review of my new book here...



  4. After One or Two MInor Delays....


    "The Sound of Sirens" has now been released, and I've just had another review arrive from the American blogger/website owner, Angie Martin, and you can read that full review here.

    Look out also for a Giveaway promotion too on "The Sound of Sirens" (10 FREE books) which is coming soon on Stay tuned for that. It will be starting on January 31st 2014.

    Happy reading, folks!

  5. Winter Sale Now ON!!


    Yes, my big winter book sale is now on. You can grab 20% and 25% discount on hundreds of items right now in my ebay store.

    Not just books either but other interesting items and collectables.

    But hurry, it's only for a limited time.

    You can check out my ebay store here:



    Thanks for looking - hope you find somethng nice.

    Have a great day,


    David C





  6. Stephen King - On Writing


    There are hundreds of books out there to show you how to improve your writing, but only one by the mega-selling Stephen King, and that book is called ON WRITING. On this page you will see a review about ON WRITING.

    But also on the page you can see almost an hour of Stephen K talking about writing in general, and his books, plus his thoughts on 50 Shades of Grey and much more besides. It's a great video.

    To read and see that simply click here.

    Oh, he also talks about ON WRITING too, so that's kind of neat.




  7. I Buy Books


    Yes, despite the fact that I have over 10,000 books in the house I am still buying books for cash.

    Please see here for the books I am interested in and the areas I can collect from - outside of that area and they would probably have to be delivered to me - unless they were sufficiently interesting for me to collect.

    I pay cash on collection and have been buying and selling books now for almost 20 years.


    Go here for more info