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The Sound of Sirens - Book Review


 David Carter has done another outstanding job with his latest Inspector Walter Darriteau murder mystery. Readers are drawn into this book from the very first page. Music plays, shots are fired, and drama ensues. You feel as though you are right there in Chester, England. Inspector Darriteau is no ordinary guy. A black detective in his late fifties, he dances to the beat of his own drummer. An awesome fleshed out character that you root for.


In fact all of Carter’s characters are unique. And the author pens them like an artist draws on a canvas. The entirety of The Sound of Sirens is written in that way. Small brush strokes. Large brush strokes. You will clearly be able to visualize the settings of Europe that Darriteau takes you through.


The story’s pace is quick and you become wrapped up in the turns and twists. Plots become subplots and vice versa. Be sure to pay attention so as not to miss a thing. This current work is part of a series, but Carter successfully outlines everything to keep you in the loop. That’s not to say that you should let your guard down though. Just when you think you have it figured out—you don’t!


You will be on the edge of your seat with the sheer mystery of it all. The mindset of the things that take place is remarkable. Carter keeps readers thoroughly entertained. There is music, crime, murder, and lots of layers to peel back. Readers will have a front row seat to some humor. That is a bit refreshing as you cruise straight for some ruthlessness.


Mystery fans will fall in love with this book. British crime fans will devour this book. Grab a copy so you aren't left behind.




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