Worth Dying For by Lee Child - Book Review



Worth Dying For - Lee Child - Book Review


Worth Dying For is supposedly a sequel to his previous book, 61 Hours, but it doesn't really explain any more from that work, so much so that it made me wonder if this is indeed the sequel at all, or maybe there is still another one to come.

No matter, it is still a terrific read in its own right.

This one is set in the wilds of Nebraska where the Duncan family rule the roost. They run the only haulage business in town, and if the croppers and growers want their grain taken to market they hire the Duncans' trucks, or they pay the penalty.

Most folks do. Most folks value their faces looking like they did in the mirror yesterday.

But the Duncans are ambitious people. They are not going to stop at carrying their neighbours' grain. What do you think? They want fingers in every pie. They want to control everyone's lives and they pretty much do until, you've guessed it, Jack Reacher turns up, on his way to Virginia, somewhat out of his way, but that sums Reacher up to a tee.

Reacher makes friends, he's a friendly kind of guy, and soon hears the story of the disappearance of an eight year old girl from years ago, and that fires his interest, and against all the advice, his early departure is delayed.

And that's not the only secret knocking about either, for the Duncans are awaiting an important shipment, and it is already overdue, and that makes them nervous and aggressive, and especially nervous of strangers, and big and imposing strangers at that, like Reacher.

The battle lines are hurriedly drawn, and soon Reacher is involved in something far bigger than even he could ever have imagined.

Worth Dying For is another blockbusting novel from one of the best thriller writers around, Lee Child. Some people have criticised it simply because it hasn't provided them with what they wanted, i.e. a complete and satisfactory closure to the previous 61 Hours.

But put that to one side for a moment and any reader of modern thrillers will not be disappointed by this. As usual, I could not put it down, and that says everything about the man, Reacher or Child, Child or Reacher, one of the most potent combinations of thriller writers out there today.

If you enjoy modern thrillers you will surely enjoy this one too.


Some Jack Reacher Video


A picture tells a thousand words, or whatever the phrase is, so how many words do moving pictures tell? Plenty, that's what, so here's some video featuring the trailer for the film "Jack Reacher" and following that there is a review for the film. You probably know that Tom Cruise plays Reacher in the picture. If you had chosen an actor who would be least suitable for this part then Cruise would be him. I just can't take hm seriously in this role, and because of that, I can't take the movie seriously either. Quite simply, the books are a gazillion times better, but hey what do I know? See the film, read the books, make up your own mind. Here's the clip:




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