Seven Up by Janet Evanovich Book Review



Seven Up by Janet Evanovich - Book Review


Eddie de Chooch is a serial villain who misses a court date. Stephanie Plum is a modern day New York bounty hunter. $5,000 will drop into her bank account if she can bring him to court, and that shouldn't be so difficult for Eddie is in his seventies after all. How hard could it be?

But how old do you have to be to fire a gun, something that Eddie is mighty fond of doing, and he is not too particular who gets in the way either.

Seven Up, so called because this is the seventh Stephanie Plum mystery, is a sassy quick paced tale, though for all that it did kind of drag somewhere in the middle.

But the book is crammed with some interesting characters some of whom are carried over from previous tales, such as Bob the dog, who eats everything and anything and can and will, vomit on demand. Nice!

There is quite a bit of humour here too, and yes I did laugh out loud several times, big plus point from me, though some of it is of the kind that used to be known as lavatory humour. Think people messing their pants, and far worse besides, and you get the general idea.

Stephanie's grandmother is my favourite character.

I didn't care for any of the men in the story overmuch, but granny is a feisty old girl who fancies all the men, (my type of girl!! Tee hee!!!) especially Eddie himself, and she dresses to match, good on her, though he has problems in the moving parts region, get my drift, pills maybe needed, something that granny is happy to tell everyone and anyone who cares to listen in great detail, though when she is introduced to the thrills of riding on Stephanie's Harley Davidson, well things really start to get exciting, for granny that is.

This book is easy to get into and for the most part it is a real page turner, but I suspect it will also be quickly forgotten by the reader, Granny excepted of course.

For me Seven Up was a bit of a lightweight laugh that did cheer me up when I needed it and it might just do the same thing for you too.

Certainly worth thinking about.

Here's the lady herself being interviewed and talking about her books.