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The Lord Lucan Murder(s) - New TV Programme


Conicidentally a new TV programme has just been made by the ITV network in the UK about the Lucan murder(s) - the first part of 2, which was aired last night - the programme was based on John Pearson's book "The Gamblers" which was reviewed here recently. You can catch up on that book review and see more (different) TV investigative coverage on the same page about the whole Lucan affair here if you missed it.

If you'd like to catch up with ITV's new prog that everyone seemed to be talking about in the supermarket this morning as they went about their Christmas shopping you should be able to watch that here on the ITV Player.

The disappearance of Lord Lucan after the murder of his children's nanny, Sandra Rivett, remains one of the great unsolved murder riddles of the 20th century in Britain.

If you are interested in fictional murder cases please check out my Inspector Walter Darriteau cases, The Murder Diaries Seven Times Over here, and The Sound of Sirens here.

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