Book Reviewers Wanted for British Crime Fiction

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Book Reviewers Wanted

For New British Crime Fiction



Hey there - wherever you may be. If you are interested in crime fiction and you maybe have a little time on your hands, would you be interested in reading my new book The Sound of Sirens, with a view to writing and placing a review on Amazon?

If so, just let me know if you have written any previous reviews and where I can see them, and if we think we can do somethiing together, I'll send you a copy of the book - either a PDF or a paperback and we'll take it from there.

If you write crime fiction maybe you'd be interested in sending me your book in exchange, then do let me know, and again we'll see if we can work something out betwen us.

Please use the contact form coming up in a sec.

or if you want to check out my new book The Sound of Sirens, you can do that here

Thanks for reading and for your consideration,


best wishes,

David C


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