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Free Book Promotion 2


I have another FREE book offer for you today, and what a humdinger of an offer this is!

In this package, there are no less than 48 murder mystery thriller type books and for a limited time only they are all FREE - yes that's right, they are free, but only until May 14th 2018. After that, they are gone.

Here's your chance to fill up your kindle book Ereader, or indeed any Ereader system, with great books for the summer, and they won't cost you a penny.

So if you are going on holiday sometime this year, or if you are taking some time out, or time off, you can take a nice thrilling library with you to keep you entertained. I can see it now - you lying on the beach in Bermuda or Brisbane or Barcelona sipping a cool one, and reading these fab books.

Here's the link.

Click here to see and select the books you would like.

What's the catch? There isn't one. These hardworking writers would really like you to read their stuff - it is as simple as that.

Here's that link again:





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Free Book Promotion 2

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