The 13 Ages of Man

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The 13 Ages of Man - Or Woman


12 ages of man


And here it is again in plain text for those scanning search engines

that cannot read blessed images.



The 13 ages of Man - or Woman


When you are:

30: Time starts to speed up

40: Life begins at, or so you hope

50: You have never been so busy, and that’s a fact

60: Christmas comes every six months, or so it seems

70: You have finally finished that damned book!

80: Yihaa!! You’ve made it. You can do what you want!

90: You really are a proven optimist, aren’t you?

100: You receive a birthday card from the Queen

110: You still receive vital upgrades from Adobe

120: Arsene Wenger says: “This could be our year!”

130: You’ll be the oldest person on the planet

140: Someone somewhere will say “I wish I had met him, or her.”

150: Your tempting books will be there forever, even if you won’t


And the lesson is? 

Don't waste a single second of it, for it will sure as heck

flash by in an instant!!


Have a great and productive day,



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