Megalodon by Scott Skipper – Book Review

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Megalodon by Scott Skipper – Book Review


The famous phrase “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” quickly came to mind when reading the appropriately named Scott Skipper’s novella, “Megalodon”, a kind of homage towards Peter Benchley’s “Jaws”.

Enzo Palmer and his chums are treasure hunters, and successful ones at that, after tracking down and cashing in booty from several wrecks. Truth is, they now have more money than they know what to do with.

His interest is piqued when a video surfaces on the Internet purporting to be of a megalodon swimming the seven seas – a kind of giant prehistoric shark with huge teeth and a viscious bite that supposedly died out 28 million years ago. The video is obviously a fake, or is it? Some people differ on that, and they simply have to find out the truth of it.

In any event Enzo wants to go megalodon hunting, maybe he hasn’t anything better to do with his time, and though his partners are not that interested, in the end he persuades them of the merit of the idea. After all they do part-own the ship and they’d better keep an eye on their investment, as they set off for Tenerife along with their well endowed women to start their search.

And of course there is someone else looking for the big Meg too, a long ago hated rival - what seagoing yarn wouldn’t be complete without that? And he adds plenty of spice if the story ever threatens to run out of steam.

So begins “Megalodon”, a fast moving and page-turning adventure on the huge seas, and one can almost taste the salty air and feel the balmy winds on your face, as they and you, rush through the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans as if they were mere ponds.

The writing and proofreading are pretty good too, not so many errors, though “ring one’s neck” kind of stood out, and yes, I do understand more than most that all us indie writers make similar errors from time to time, me included, and I’d like to have seen the women present taking a more active role, rather than all too often just standing and hanging around drinking unbelievable quantities of champagne, while pouting and waiting to be patted and touched and taken in the cabin by the men, no double entendre intended. This is 2017 after all, but that aside I enjoyed “Megalodon” and learnt quite a few things too.

If you like fast paced seaborne action with a sense of adventure then you will probably enjoy this, and when I bought it, it was just 99 pence and that is great value in any language, so why not give it a try?

And here’s the ultimate test in any ongoing writer/reader relationship. Would I buy another work by this author, and the answer is: Yes. For sure.



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