Willed Accidents Happen by Patricia A. Guthrie – Book Review

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Willed Accidents Happen by Patricia A. Guthrie – Book Review


Michael Ryan is a successful psychiatrist based in Manhattan, New York. It’s midwinter, and a cold and frosty morning. He’s heading for work, the sidewalks are icy, as he enters the subway system, sees the steep downward stairs, but doesn’t see the patch of ice worn slippery by countless hurrying scurrying morning feet.

   He slips and stumbles and tumbles down the steep and hard steps, banging his shoulder and back as he goes, doing damage too, though luckily nothing is broken and he’s grateful for that, and all the way to the bottom he tumbles, where an attractive redhead finally breaks his fall.

   ‘Sorry, I slipped,’ he says, gathering his thoughts and feeling his body, yet even as he says those words, he wonders as to their truth. Could the reality be in the rush and crush and whirling sky, could he possibly have been pushed?

   So begins “Willed Accidents Happen”, a short story of mystery and suspense by Patricia A. Guthrie.

   It’s a good beginning too, hooks the reader straight off the bat, and being a short story it’s quite possible to sit and read the entire thing in a short afternoon. It’s a page-turner that’s for sure, so you probably will finish it in one sitting, well written too, with a twist of an ending to come, and if you like mystery and suspense stories then “Willed Accidents Happen” would be a useful addition to any library.

   I enjoyed it and will look out for more offerings from this writer. Check it out.  

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