101 Things I Have Learned by Vernon Coleman – Book Review.

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101 Things I Have Learned by Vernon Coleman – Book Review.


Vernon Coleman has always been something of a rebel, insisting on doing things his own way, as I imagine he would be the first to agree.

He has sold upwards of an amazing two million books and his titles have been translated into twenty-four languages, and one of the interesting things about that is that he has self-published the vast majority of those.

But not self-published using any print on demand facility, oh no, but publishing in the traditional way, printing a whole stack of each title, and then setting about selling them.

101 Things I Have Learned sees him relaying his wisdom gained over forty odd years, and these titbits range from medical, illness, and medicinal matters, (he is a doctor after all, so is well qualified to talk on such issues), to diet, and on through financial matters and commodity prices, cars, the taxman, dealing with bureaucrats and bureaucracy, human rights, and of course the European Union of which he has been a long time and fierce critic, and much more besides.

Of course he is at pains to tell you that he is not dispensing advice, and especially financial advice, for that would be illegal to do so, but he gets pretty close sometimes, and as with most of his writings, it all makes for interesting stuff and a worthwhile read.

101 Things I Have Learned is a small book, barely a hundred and twenty pages, but it’s an interesting one, and the really good news is that when I last looked, it could be bought now online for just one penny, plus postage and packing, and that is a good deal in anyone’s language.

If you are looking to write books and maybe establish a small publishing company of your own, you could do a heck of a lot worse than check out Mr Vernon Coleman and his long career, for he has made a habit of writing interesting books, and more to the point, he has been incredibly successful in selling them.



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  1. Fariba

    I have read most of his books and seem to think and live alike him. 101 things i have learned was Tremendously informative . God bless you

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