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Today I’m delighted to write a few words about my new short book that is out this month.

It’s called “Down into the Darkness” and is much shorter than most of my books, clocking in at around 140 pages, but some people have liked the fact that it’s a short and snappy read. Let’s face it, we don’t all have the time or want to read 700 page marathons.

“Down into the Darkness” follows the fortunes of the thirty-something Tony Jenks. He lives alone in a small flat in an old Edwardian building that he shares with three other flats. All the other apartments are occupied by a weird bunch of people with a weird bunch of problems, but Tony’s happy enough to stay there for he has a decent job, and no mortgage, and believes he is as free as it is possible to be.

Then one night while in bed, alone as usual, he hears noises the likes of which he has never heard before, and Tony’s journey down into the darkness has begun.

The book has been described as “intelligent horror”, though I did not set out to write a horror story, and I am still not sure that it is, but as Graham Greene used to say, “I have to read what the critics have to say before I ever know what my books are all about”, or words to that effect, and I’ll go along with that.

“Down into the Darkness” is out now as an ebook and in paperback and you can buy the ebook for less than a cup of high street coffee.

Here’s the book trailer here:


And you can look at the SEARCH INSIDE feature and read a couple of chapters on Amazon here:

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