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A Flight of Fancy! – by Margaret Henderson Smith



Where do writers go between writing books? Some like John Grisham take a long six month break. Lucky things! Others dive straight into their next saga; while others still, like Margaret Henderson Smith, keep their hand in by blogging.

  And through that “A Flight of Fancy” was born, a collection of some of Margaret’s blogposts from the Big 40 blog, and it works well.

  The book is snappily written with short sentences that keeps the pace moving along, and because of that it’s easy to read too, and a fun read at that.

   Margaret’s much misunderstood character, Harriet Glover gets many a mention too, her from “Amber” and others besides, indeed in some places it’s hard to differentiate between the writer and Harriet, making one wonder if they are one and the same person.

   I mean, have you ever seen Margaret and Harriet in the same room together? No! You haven’t. Proof if proof be needed! I rest my case.

   Demanding grandchildren, selling houses, strange men in strange cars, weird jobs, rellies, good and bad, turning forty, and of course Christmas shopping, among other topics, all get a stiff examination.

   As I say, it’s a fun read and I enjoyed it.

ISBN: 9781-84549-4186

Publisher: Arima Publishing


A Flight of Fancy! Cover


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