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deer at Burley 2

This picture was taken near Burley in the New Forest in the summer of 2013. Maybe Drift is one of the fawns in the picture.

Stranger things have happened!!



Drift and Badger and the Search for Uncle Mo - Book Reviews


5 stars  - Wacky Imagination Meets Heartwarming Story!!

This fantasy book is a cross somewhere between The Magic Roundabout and a wildlife version of Children of the New Forest.
The first chapter is tragic but is swiftly followed by an imaginative adventure which engrosses the reader and makes you chuckle out loud at times (fawn suckling badgers milk etc....)!
A fun read!
Although it begins with a life altering tragedy, the remainder of this story is not only heartwarming but refreshing. It can be taken very lightly, allowing the reader to relax and block out all other thought.
Or you can immerse yourself in this fantasy world, hearing the underlying life skill lessons. Drift, a newborn Red Deer fawn, has the fortune of being befriended by a short sighted, crazy badger, Daisy.
With Daisy's knowledge of the dangers in the forest, the pair set off in search of Drift's family, specifically his Uncle Mo.
Their journey is not only fun but also treacherous, bringing them both the spirit of adventure as they strive to reach their goal. Could there be a happy ending? The Author, David Carter, has lightly scented your mind with a natural ability to share his imagination.
Letting your own imagination loose, you can smell the aroma of forest and see the picturesque surroundings.
He is a well-known English author, with a variety of published articles, as well as a previous novel that I had the pleasure of reviewing.
He has now presented us with another novel, suitable for both children and the young at heart.
Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Cheryl Ellis, Allbooks Review
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