The Bunny and the Bear - A Cold and Frosty Winter


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The Bunny and The Bear - A Cold and Frosty Winter




The Bunny and The Bear

is coming soon!


Release date sceduled for 1st November 2017. 




In “A Cold and Frosty Winter” both the Bunny and the Bear are desperately in need of a safe and warm new home. Failing that, the Bunny is destined to spend his life on the dusty tables of antiques fairs, as he is hauled around the country, seeking a new owner, while the Bear’s circumstances are even worse.

His sea captain owner is more than a little eccentric and is soon to depart for Australia, and after seeking and failing to find new accommodation for his faithful bear, is considering throwing him in the bin, as a last resort, and leaving Bear all alone to his fate.

Can Bear avoid the humiliation of being publicly bin-dumped? Can Bunny find a new home before it’s too late? The only way you will ever find out the truth of it is by acquiring and reading the story.

One thing is for sure; both the Bunny and the Bear are determined to enjoy exciting new adventures, as they embark on a new era in their colourful lives.

Please note that this is a text based story book, and not a picture book. It’s a tale for children of all ages, and the young-at heart. The book runs to around 160 pages and being the first book in a series is offered at a special discounted price of just 99p for an ebook copy.

“The Bunny and the Bear – A Cold and Frosty Winter” is released on November 1st 2017, and is available prior to that on a pre-order basis. The book will be available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Apple iTunes/iBooks, and most other well known ebook platforms. 

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Please Note: This is a story book, NOT a picture book 






The Bunny and The Bear - A Cold and Frosty Winter