Sell More Books - Amazon Promotion and Marketing Strategies - by Jim Liston - Book Review


Sell More Books -

Amazon Promotion and Marketing Strategies

By Jim Liston – Book Review


The hard part of writing a successful book used to be in the writing, but not anymore. Nowadays that’s the easy bit. The hard part is marketing and selling the book. After all, what is the point of writing a book at all if no one ever knows of its existence?


Sell More Books - Amazon Promotion and Marketing Strategies by Jim Liston is a short ebook designed to help you do just that.


If you are an experienced marketeer and social media operator you will probably know most of the strategies included here, but if you are something of a beginner, a marketing greenhorn like me, then the advice and instruction included within can be very useful indeed.


After all, you will only need to sell an additional book or two by using these ideas to cover the cost of the book, and you should comfortably be able to do that.


Among topics covered in the book are:


Writing powerful descriptions of yourself and your books.

Choosing categories to place your books to their best advantage.

Finding competitive keywords – for some reason always a tough one for me

Completing and improving your Amazon author page.

Getting and receiving book reviews.

Using your free days to their best advantage.

How best to run your Kindle countdown promotions.

Participating in social media, including at least one that I had never heard of.

Price Pulsing, another phrase that has completely passed me by.


This is a short but well written book, and it’s easy to follow, and one I most certainly will use to hopefully improve my book sales performance, and one I am happy to recommend.


Time for some video.


If you want more info and ideas on how to sell more books here is a great video interview featuring the very successful ebook seller Olli Hille here being interviewed by Tom Corson-Knowles. Hope you like it.







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